Creative Horton

Perhaps it's something in the water or the fresh air or perhaps it's the inspiration which the areas natural beauty exudes. Whatever it is the Parish of Horton has bred an abundant number of creatively talented individuals despite only having a small population dispersed across three small hamlets. The following is a list of some of these individuals, some were born in the Parish or came to live in the Parish, others have some other connection but they all have a link to the area. It is not intended to be a conclusive list and further nominations are welcome.


Joseph Rudyard Kipling 1865 -1936 " Rudyard Kipling "

Novelist, poet and writer of short stories, his parents were so inspired by the area they chose to name their son after it.RUDYARD KIPLING was born in Bombay on December 30th 1865, son of John Lockwood Kipling, an artist and teacher of architectural sculpture, and his wife Alice. His mother was one of the talented and beautiful Macdonald sisters, four of whom married remarkable men, Sir Edward Burne-Jones, Sir Edward Poynter, Alfred Baldwin, and John Lockwood Kipling himself.


George Heath 1844-1869

[ George Heath The Moorland Poet ] obviously of great interest to the Heath Family History, he was born and raised in Gratton. For more detailed information including extracts from George Heath's diaries see George Heath The Moorland Poet
"To Hannah"
Farewell, beloved one, escaped from our keeping,
Gone home to thy crown and thy treasure at last,
Afflictions and sorrows, temptations and weeping,
Are fled with thy feverish dream of the past.

[ Click here to download a PDF file of the 1880 Memorial Edition ]


James Heath 1849-1923.

Sometimes overshadowed by his brother George, James was a creative talent in his own right. He shared his brother's faith and dedication to family and Church, he was the founder of the family firm J Heath & Sons Builders. Probably the most significant work he undertook was the building of All Saints Church Leek which saw him working alongside notable architect Richard Norman Shaw and artist Edward Burne Jones (who incidentally was married to Georgiana Macdonald the Maternal Aunt of Rudyard Kipling (see above)


Thomas Ernest Hulme 1883-1917 'TE Hulme'.

T.E. Hulme was born at Gratton Hall Farm in Gratton which is the neighbouring property to Hallgate Farm where George and James Heath were raised. T.E. Hulme had a controversial youth later becoming a renowned critic and poet. He served as a Lieutenant with the Royal Marine Artillery during the First World War and was killed in 1917 aged 34. He is buried at the Coxyde Military Cemetery, West-Vlaanderen, Belgium. The Commonwealth War Graves Commission note him to be 'One of the war poets'. He is remembered on a stained glass memorial window in St Luke's Church Endon and on the family gravestone in the Churchyard. His family are also remembered on a memorial stained glass in St Michael's Church Horton.TE Hulme, poet and influential critic lived in Endon but born in Gratton, plaque unveiled today 23/09/2017 in Endon. (Sorry about the reflection).


Herbert W Foster

Not strictly a Hortonian but H.W. Foster lived in neighbouring Endon it was through the Church there that he met George Heath and became a great influence on his life. He and Heath mutually supported each other with the common mantra 'steadily onwards' to achieve their goals in their own individual creative fields; George's in poetry and Herbert's in art. Just as Herbert's ambition started to become realised George's own dreams were cut short by illness. Herbert went on to have exhibitions at the Royal Academy, decorate Minton porcelain and teach at the Nottingham School of Art. It was he who designed the impressive cross which stands over the grave of his friend George Heath in Horton Churchyard and supplied the drawings used in the memorial edition of his poems.


George Cartlidge 1868-1961

George Cartlidge lived and worked from his studio in Rudyard. He was the designer of 'Morris Ware' produced by S Hancock & sons, which is still much admired and coveted by collectors. He was also a painter, much of his work was inspired and featured the Horton area. George Cartlidge Artist

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