Johns Hopkins from a Quaker family, an abolitionist and a Philanthropist was born on the 19th May 1795 at Anne Arundel, Maryland, U.S.A. Johns was the great great great grandson of Thomas Janney and Margery Heath of Horton Staffordshire England.


HOPKINS, Johns, philanthropist b. in Anne Arundel county, Md., 19 May, 1795; d. in Baltimore. 24 Dec., 1873. His parents were Quakers, and their son was trained to a farming life, but received a fair education. At seventeen years of age he went to Baltimore, became a clerk in his uncle's wholesale grocery-store and in a few years accumulated sufficient capital to establish himself in the grocery trade with a partner. Three years latcr, in 1822, he founded with his two brothers, the, house of Hopkins and Brothers. He rapidly added to his fortune until he had amassed large wealth. Retiring from business as grocer in 1847, he engaged in banking and railroad enter¬prises, became a director in the Baltimore and Ohio railroad company, and in 1855, chairman of its finance comittee. Two years afterward, when the company was seriously embarrassed, he volunteered to endorse its notes, and risked his private fortune in its extrication. He was one of the pro¬jectors of a line of iron steamships between Baltimore and Bremen, and. built many warehouses in the city. In March, 1873, he gave property valued at $4,500,000 to found a hospital which, by it's charter, is free to all, regardless of race or color, presented the city of Baltimore with a public park, and gave $3,500,000 to found the Johns Hopkins university, which was first proposed by him in 1867. And was opened in 1876. It embraces schools of law, medicine, science, and agriculture, and publishes the results of researches of professors and students. At his death he left a fortune of $10,000,000, including the sums set apart for the endowmcnt of the uni versity and hospital, which were devised to the trustees in his will.


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Johns Hopkins University today Sunday 17th May 2020 is collating the world wide results of the corona virus pandemic and drawing the graphs.

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