Noah Heath 1768

Noah HeathThe Poet Of Sneyd Green

Have registers or lack of registers caused some confusion on Noah Heath the Poet?
The church records for Noah Heath and family are:

Noah Heath the son of Thomas Heath and Elizabeth Hewey baptised the 30th October 1768 Burslem St John.
Noah married on the 19th July 1789 at St Giles Church Newcastle-under-Lyme Staffordshire to Mary Day.

A number of children including Noah Heath baptised 22nd March 1795 Burslem St John. Noah's first marriage was to Ann Marsh on the 17th July 1815 Norton le Moors Staffordshire.
Sometime between their marriage and the baptism of their son Noah and Ann Heath were living in Swansea.

Thomas Heath baptised 22nd January 1819 Swansea, South Wales.
Noah Heath baptised 28th April 1921 Swansea St Mary living 1851 Shelton Staffordshire.
Mary Heath baptised 24th September 1823 Swansea St Mary.

Ann Heath baptised 15th February 1826 Swansea St Mary living 1841 Sneyd Green.
Noah Heath a widower second marriage was to Elizabeth Harris 27th July 1833 Swansea St James.
By the 1841 census Noah Heath was back living in Sneyd Green with Ann Heath and Isaac Heath.
No deaths records found for either Noah Heaths.

These records may have faded or been destroyed with the Chartist Riots at St John's Church Hanley in 1842. The registers which were destroyed dated back to 1754.
The early information on Noah Heath the Poet in a book titled Romance of Staffordshire, by Henry Carlos Wedgwood written in the latter half of the nineteenth century.
Around 1780 Noah Heath was born. He lived in Sneyd Green near Burslem and Hanley Staffordshire. There is no recording of a baptism around that time in the registers. Noah lived with his father whose trade was a potter.

Noah Heath attended a Free School in Far Green which was built by Mr Adams of Bircheshead Farm. Noah's father also let him attend the Methodist Sunday School in Sneyd Green where he learned to read and write.

It seems this Noah Heath did not get married, or have any siblings. Noah served his apprenticeship as an operative potter. Noah Heath also worked for the potter Joseph Mayer, as a modeller and mould maker. While working at Joseph Mayer's Noah was bitten by a dog and Mr Mayer persuaded Noah to have the wound cauterised, which caused paralysis leaving him lame for the rest of his life.

Noah Heath while working in the pottery industry, also wrote poetry, including A Bull-Baiting, The Skylark, and Storm At Sneyd Green 1822.

Where Noah Heath lived in Sneyd Green he was in walking distance of the open countryside of Wetley Moor, Bagnall, and Stanley, Abbey Hulton where the old Abbey was situated. Also the pottery towns of Burslem, and Hanley are in easy walking distance.

In 1823 Noah's first book of Miscellaneous Poems was written. It was published by James

Noah Heath 1768

Amphlett of the Office of the Pottery Gazette Hanley. This book is now very rare and cannot
be found in Staffordshire Libraries or Archives.

Wolstanton Spire now makes a pompous show, And now Newcastle in the vale below, Then Keel appears well planted on all sides;

The ancient seat where Walter Sneyd resides; Now Trentham Park must truly be confess'd; And Yarlet Hill appears amongst the rest;

On Stafford Castle now we gaze our fill; Another scene we cannot but remark; The high conspicuous land of Fenton Park;

Now Hanley and the Church are plainly seen; Besides the Poet's Cottage at Sneyd Green; Next Burslem Town presents the curious eye;

Where manufactories superbly rise; Yet one of these with truth must be confess'd; To shine pre-eminent above the rest;

The model's grand, the architecture good; And founded by the worthy Enock Wood; Now turning round, a Moorland view to take;

Old Norton and the Church a prospect make; And last to Biddulph we direct our eyes; Where the Old Castle all in ruin lies.

Noah's second book also Miscellaneous Poems was printed by Brougham of Burslem.
There are no records for Noah Heath's death.

I hope Noah Heath's poems will be still available for future generations.

Sources: Andrew Dobraszczc, Henry Carlos Wedgwood Romance of Staffordshire, and Find My Past and Poets England.


By Denise E Johnson