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This is about two brothers of Heath descent who died in service on opposite sides of the globe in the Second World War.
The Battle of Hong Kong, also known as the Fall of Hong Kong by the Empire of Japan, from the 8th December to the 25th December 1941, was one of the first battles of the Pacific in the Second World War. This was a violation of international law for the Japanese had not declared war on Great Britain. (Pearl Harbour in Hawaii was also attacked on the 8th December 1941 by the Japanese Empire).
1). Former Amsterdam 1928 Olympics Coxless 4 [color=#BF8000]Gold[/color] Medallist Winner John Gerard Heath Lander, was son of The Right Reverend Gerard Heath Lander. And great grandson of Mary Anne Lander nee Heath, of High Offley, Staffordshire and husband of K. E. F. Lander of South Africa. He was killed in the Battle of Hong Kong on the 25th December 1941.
UK Foreign Register of British Subjects
Gunner No 4864
John Gerard Heath Lander
1st Battery HK Vol Defence Corps
Asiatic Petroleum Co. Ltd
Died 25th December 1941
Stanley Village
Hong Kong
Killed in Action
Date of Certificate 9th March 1944.
Commonwealth War Graves Commission
Buried Sai Wan War Cemetery,
Chai Wan, Hong Kong.
2). Peter Lockhart Lander, son of The Right Reverend Gerard Heath Lander, was born in Hong Kong.
Commonwealth War Graves Commission Records.
Regimental number 88676
Pilot Officer of the R.A.F. (V.R.).
235 Squadron
Date of Death 8th November 1941
Place of Death North Sea
Commemorated on Air Forces Runnymede Memorial in Surrey, 4 miles from Windsor.
On the probate registers it shows Peter Lockhart Lander died on the 23rd August 1941 on war service. Administration was the on the 22nd August 1942 in Llandudno, North Wales.
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