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A Household in Biddulph U.D. 1939 register
Annie Biddulph, born 1887, Unpaid Domestic Duties, Widowed
Annie Biddulph, born 1901, Shirt maker, Single
Harry Heath, born 3rd January 1910, General Clerk, Married
Constance Heath born 28th December 1914, Shirt maker, Married
Harry Heath married Constance Biddulph, 1938 Biddulph Moor Christ Church

39 Craigside, Biddulph U.D.
Arthur Heath, born 23 January 1897, General Labourer, Married
Heath Bertha, born 15 April 1901, Unpaid Domestic Duties Married
Mary Finney (Heath), born 23 Dec 1927, At school

Melvin Hall, Biddulph U.D.
James E Heath, born 15th September 1873, Coal Hewer, Old Age Pensioner, Widowed
William Heath, born 25th March 1911, Colliery Underground Worker, Single
Hannah Simcock (Heath), born 6th August 1917, Cotton Operative, Single.
Hannah Heath married Jesse Simcock at Biddulph Moor Christ Church 1939. The marriage would have taken place after the 29th September 1939.
Also see Melanie Myatt’s, A Half Hidden Grave which is on this site on the Contents Pages.

Mow View, Rock End, Biddulph U.D.
Fanny Heath, born 8th May 1866, Old Age Pensioner, Widowed
Jane Sherratt (Heath), born 16 December 1900, Velvet Cutter Textile, Single
There was a marriage of a Jane Heath who married Gerald Sherratt in 1951 Biddulph Moor Christ Church

Outwood Lane, Biddulph U.D.
George Heath, born 20th June 1910, Packer, Married
Jane A Heath, born 27 January 1912, House Keeper, Married

114 Tunstall Road, Biddulph U.D.
John Heath, born 9th October 1873, Iron Moulder, Retired, Single
Alice Heath, born 25th January 1875, Unpaid Domestic Duties, Married
Ronald Heath, born 25th May 1921, Colliery Haulage, Single
Jesse Heath, born 14th May 1901 Engineering Labourer, Widowed
Reginald Heath, born 14 August 1933, At School
It seems Jesse Heath married Millicent Bailey, born 8 September 1901 widow, 1940 Biddulph (Station Road) Methodist Church. Millicent in 1939 lived Stoneleigh Cottage Biddulph U.D., along with John H Bailey, and Harold L Bailey both attending school.

Whitefields Farm, Biddulph Park, Biddulph U.D.
Charles Heath, born 23rd March 1895, Dairy Farmer,
Beatrice Heath, born 10th September 1896, House Duties Unpaid

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