The Bonham and Heath Families

Genealogy for the Heath family's of Saffordshire and surrounding areas.

The Bonham and Heath Families

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Uriah Bonham, (younger of two sons born to Hezekiah Bonham and third wife Anna Hunt), had 18 half siblings as his father had 20 children between his three wives, four with first wife, Mary Dunn; and 14 with second wife, Mary Bishop. Uriah’s grandfather, Nicholas Bonham, emigrated from England to Massachusetts and married Hannah Fuller, daughter of Samuel Fuller. Samuel, his parents Ann and Edward were passengers on the famous 1620 Mayflower voyage. Edward was one of the signers of the Mayflower Compact and he and his wife died the day after landing at Plymouth Rock.

Nicholas and Hannah left Barnstable, Massachusetts about 1682, and settled in Middlesex County, East Jersey where he held a freehold. It became a hamlet named Bonhamtown for the family (presently part of Edison, New Jersey) Hezekiah Bonham moved to Maidenhead Township, Hunterdon County, (renamed Lawrence Township in 1816 and annexed to Mercer County), West Jersey located between Trenton and Princeton. Some of Hezekiah’s descendants settled in Kingwood and Amwell Township, including Uriah.

Uriah, a school teacher, married Anchor Fox in 1751 and had five known children, Amos, Mary, Dinah, Zedekiah, and Hannah. The death of Anchor Fox Bonham is not known but Marfy Goodspeed says it was between 1773 (Uriah and Anchor witnessed the marriage of their daughter Dinah to John Sutton), and 1778 which tax records lists him as being single. Uriah was a neighbor of Andrew Heath III (<Andrew II <Andrew I) and his wife Magdalene in Kingwood Township, when he and Daniel Howell conducted the inventory of Andrew’s estate filed on 20 June 1777. Uriah married Magdalene Heath on 30 Aug 1780.

Uriah and Anchor’s son, Zedekiah married Andrew and Magdalene’s daughter, Prudence Heath. Zedekiah and Prudence had 13 children: Anchor, Andrew, Uriah, John Sutton, Magdaline, Charles, Amos, Mercy, Prudence, and Mary. Zedekiah who served in the Hunterdon County Militia, Second Regiment, was involved in skirmishes at Trimbly’s Point and Morse’s Mill and fought at the Battle of Monmouth. In 1806, Zedekiah, Prudence and their nine children born in New Jersey, moved to Wayne County, Pennsylvania (northeastern corner of the state bordering New York state and the northern tip of New Jersey). In 1809 the family moved west of White’s Valley in Wayne County where Zedekiah built and operated a saw mill on Johnson’s Creek. He died in 1835 and Prudence 23 years later, both are buried in the Green Grove Cemetery in Wayne County. An interesting note, Zedekiah and Prudence youngest son Abraham, enlisted in the 152nd Pennsylvania Regiment, Third Heavy Artillery, Battery C, on 30 Mar 1864 at the age of 55, with the rank of private, and was mustered out on 09 Nov 1865 at Fort Monroe, Virginia. Abraham died 17 Apr 1879 at White’s Valley and is buried in the same cemetery as his parents.

Uriah and Anchor’s daughter Mary, married James Emmons, and they had ten children: Sarah, Hannah, Uriah, Amos, John, Anchor, Mary, James, Job, and Dinah. Amos, born about 1785 in Kingwood Township, married Elizabeth Heath (born 1787), daughter Richard Heath and Catherine Rittenhouse (and granddaughter of Andrew Heath III and Magdalene). Amos and Elizabeth had five children, Mary, Rebecca, Catherine, Anna, and Amos, Jr. In Richard Heath’s Last Will and Testament, he specified that no part of her legacy was to be paid to her husband. In the 1850 census Amos was living in the Poor House in Kingwood Township, he died in Hunterdon County on 26 May 1852. In the 1850 census, an Elizabeth Emmons, age 64, was living in Burlington County, New Jersey with Brazella (sic) Emmons, male, age 26, and Rebecca Emmons, age 24. The New Jersey website has the death record of an Elizabeth Emmons, age: 66, on 19 Dec 1852 in Morris County, so there is a high probability this is Elizabeth Heath Emmons.

Amos Emmons, Jr. married Sarah Applegate in 1845 and they had eight children who lived to adulthood, Kate, Mary, Henrietta, Charles, Joseph, Amos, Howard and Oak. The 1850 census as well as his 1863-65 Civil War Draft Registration lists that he was living in Kingwood Township and his occupation as laborer. It appears he changed the spelling of his last name as the 1870 census shows and Amos and Sarah Emans living in Humboldt, Cole County, Illinois. The 1880 census shows Amos, a widower, his children Kate, Charles, Joseph and Oakley living in Cooke County, Texas. The Fort Worth (Texas) Daily Gazette, dated 26 March 1890 listed the death of Mr. Amos Emans, Montague (north-northwest of Fort Worth) on March 17.

Another Heath link to Uriah is Charles Heath who married Sarah Rittenhouse <James Rittenhouse m. Abigail Mattison <William Rittenhouse* m. Sarah Emmons <Mary Bonham m. James Emmons <Uriah Heath.

*William Rittenhouse’s niece Ann/Nancy Rittenhouse (her father was Benjamin) married William Heath I <Richard <Andrew III <Andrew II <Andrew I).

Elizabeth Slater (wife of William II <William I <Richard <Andrew III <Andrew II <Andrew I) is also a descendant of Nicholas Bonham, through his daughter Elizabeth, who married one of the first settlers of East Jersey, Edward Slater.
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Fullers of Plymouth, MA: Heath/Bonham/Slater Allied Families

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The 400th anniversary of the Mayflower landing on Plymouth Rock, Massachusetts occurred on 04 October 2020.

Edward and Ann Fuller along with their children and his brother, Dr. Samuel Fuller, were passengers. After the death of Edward and Ann, Samuel (father of Hannah Bonham, nee Fuller) lived with his uncle Dr. Samuel, a physician, church deacon, and important member of the colony. According to one of the important leaders of the Separatist, William Bradford (who became Plymouth Colony Governor), in June 1620 Dr. Samuel was involved in the planning of the expedition to the New World. The Pilgrims were founders of the “American Dream” seeking religious and civil liberty, living piously and in modest comfort through thrift and hard work.

There are attempts identify the parentage of Dr. Samuel and Edward Fuller, but is only circumstantial.

If you are interested in viewing the Mayflower 400 commemoration events here is a link to its website:
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