17th Century Heath and Yardley families of Staffordshire

Genealogy for the Heath family's of Saffordshire and surrounding areas.

17th Century Heath and Yardley families of Staffordshire

Postby Donna Tunison » Mon Oct 05, 2020 4:12 pm

Six years ago, I began working on the Family Tree Maker database my father created and added some of the Heaths from his mother’s manuscript, “The Heath Family of Hunterdon County”. My goal was to fill in missing data such as burial locations (if found) and ended up adding more Heaths from other branches that were in the original manuscript and then some. This led trying to discover more about the “potential” but unconfirmed father of Andrew, Roger Heath. A 1921 book on the history of Staffordshire provided a list of residents living in the shire by town, constablewick, and hamlet in 1666.

The below list is an extract of Heaths and Yardleys. What is interesting are possible ancestors of Thomas Heath (who migrated to Hunterdon County, New Jersey in the early 1740s), Andrew and Thomas Heath of Standon. Something else that stands out are the given names John and Richard, who Andrew Heath of Hunterdon County, named two of his sons. The name William appears, but my ancestors William Heath, Senior and Junior were named for Richard Heath’s father-in-law William Rittenhouse (his daughter was Ann Rittenhouse).

Unpopular because of its inquisitorial character, the Hearth Tax (chimney-money) levied in 1662 was a payment to the king (for the church and poor) of two shillings on every heath in all houses. Even though is produced £170,000 a year, it was repealed in 1689.

The last column “Not Chargeable” are individuals certified not to “bee chargeable according to the Acte as aforesaid” (too poor to be assessed).

1666 Hearth Tax.jpg
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Hulton appears as Hilton Abby on the map

Burslem (Green star) is where Roger Heath is recorded to have had his son Andrew Heath baptized.
Horton (Green star)

Not on the map, but located on Google maps
Cholton is about about two miles north of Standon
Gayton is about eight miles southeast of Stone and about 6.5 miles northeast present day Stafford
Knutton is a borough/suburb of Newcastle-under-Lyme, north east of the center of town
Madeley is about five and a half miles west of Newcastle-under-Lyme on the A525
Onneley is about seven miles west-southwest of Newcastle-under-Lyme on A525
Seighford is about three miles west of Stafford

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